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One hundred differences

Why are some people able to make a lot of money? Is it due to luck, inheritance or special talent?

For more than twenty years, millionaire Steve Siebold has been figuring out the secret of wealthy people. He concludes that the difference in the mindset between the rich and the poor is colossal. It can only be compared with the precipice on the Colorado Plateau in the American state of Arizona.

Based on the results of interviews with successful and famous people, Steve wrote down his thoughts and published the book “How Rich People Think”.

According to the author, there are one hundred signs that fundamentally distinguish those who know how to make money from those who survive on the pittance.


The scale of the plan is key

Let’s take a look at five top-priority distinctions to show you the radical difference in mindset:

1. The rich care about their needs and think in the following way: “I will hardly help others if I do not help myself first.” Poor people think of themselves last.

2. In the case of the rich, their mindset is geared towards action. They solve issues, set goals and confidently achieve them while the poor sit around and do nothing.

3. The rich dream and ponder ways to achieve what they want. In the meantime, the poor are reminiscing of how things used to be and often dwell on missed opportunities.

4. A rich person resorts to logic. For him/her, money is a tool for realizing opportunities. For the poor, money is a means of survival. Therefore, the rich often do things they enjoy. Ordinary people are forced to do not what they want to do, but rather what they have to.

5. The rich set high goals, boldly realizing their plans, while ordinary people are afraid of disappointment, their goals are banal and not admirable.

Your mindset

Admit it, there have always been and will be people on Earth who are able to achieve more, act for the sake of success, expand the boundaries of what is permitted, create new things and touch the stars with their hands. No matter what obstacles major Indian businessmen such as Mukesh Ambani, Shiv Nadar or Lakshmi Mittal encountered on their way, they never stopped. Such a thought didn’t even cross their minds!

What is your thinking pattern when it comes to making big money? Do you have the right plan for this? As a rule, a clear goal, logic, ability to take action and think like a rich person help to achieve what you want. How to combine all this and make a fortune?


A loyal assistant on the way to the goal

To realize your plan, you need to change the “usual mindset” to “money mindset”. This is the main difficulty for those who have tried more than once, but failed for some reason. Sometimes at the most crucial moment, many of us lack the strength and faith to carry out plans. To bypass all the pitfalls on the way to success, think through the steps in a systematic manner and get rid of doubts, a reliable assistant is needed.

Therefore, we offer our clients Success Framework Workbook — a tool that helps you get rid of harmful thought patterns and tune the brain into finding effective business solutions. Working with the Workbook on a daily basis brings you closer to success. You do not lose anything, you only gain and start taking action in accordance with a well-thought-out plan. Thanks to the repeatedly proven methodology, you will realize your plans faster and get a result that will instill confidence in your own abilities.

And don’t forget about another important advantage — the purchase of Workbook gives you access to the GoldSet marketing program. Thus, the tool brings a double benefit — it contributes to your self-development, providing a basis for building a personal business on the online platform!


Take a fresh look at the world — start thinking and taking action like the rich!




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Published: 09.02.2022
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