The Top Leaders’ race has begun!
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Dear clients!

Global IndiaGold announces the Top Leaders’ race!

This is a competition for the honorary status of the most active and purposeful Leader of the company.

Victory shall be awarded to the one who, in the period from July 11 till August 10, 2022, creates the largest turnover on the deals made on Global IndiaGold Top Leaders’ personal recommendation. 

The Leader who shows the best results will receive a symbolic award — iPhone 12 Pro Max. 


Competition participants: 
 Rekha Raghu - UID: 925546784

 Perumal K - UID: 522231646

 Tarun Marak - UID: 121348069

 Narender Singh Pundir - UID: 325115369

 Alok Banerjee - UID: 947459943

 Shyamal Gosh - UID: 276052986

 Ranjeet Vishkarma - UID: 661348597

 Anil Kumar - UID: 550565342

Parvez Alam - UID: 966574447

Syed Zahoor Bukhari - UID: 688850375

 Abdul Fayaz - UID: 859637732

 R S Gill - UID: 736687523

 Poonam Sharma - UID: 502872696

Chirag Priyadarshi - UID: 185724763

 Vijay KR Nair - UID: 861562188

GUDDU - UID: 253416798

 Umadevi Gandhi - UID: 567447893

 Ramakrishnan N - UID: 863264618

 Suresh M - UID: 430374158


On August 10, we will find out who becomes the winner!

Follow the news on the online platform!


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Published: 18.07.2022
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M Suresh
M Suresh
Happy My Team 3Partners have the scope to win ,.
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