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Even after conquering Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, a mountaineer will go further, looking for ways to make his/her activity even more interesting and fascinating. Why so?

Why after setting a world record, an athlete does not stop training hard, perfecting his/her physical shape, but strives for new records and victories?

The joy of achieving the goal and the exciting anticipation of new achievements — these people are driven by it, this feeling prompts them to continuously move forward. For them, every completed task is a stepping stone to the next, more grandiose success.


The origin of happiness

Where does the energy that inspires people to move towards high goals with such zeal come from?

It all comes to the hormone called dopamine. It is produced in the brain every time something good and pleasant happens to us. Thanks to this hormone we feel joy and pleasure.

A powerful dopamine rush overtakes a person every time he/she reaches a goal that he/she has been striving for so long. At such moments, a feeling of true happiness arises. Yet the effect of the hormone does not last long, and the pleasure soon fades away. A person wants to re-experience this effect, as well as intensify and prolong its impact. Therefore, he/she sets the next goal, a bigger one. Anticipation of future success also stimulates the production of dopamine. As a result, a person feels pleasant excitement, getting a boost of motivation to achieve another goal.

Thus, dopamine facilitates the development of people, helping to realize dreams and never stop.



When the road leads to a dead end

Not every goal gives a person a “dopamine blast” and charges with positive energy. Oftentimes you have to force yourself to move in a given direction, overcome laziness, sadness and fatigue.

This happens when the chosen goal does not meet your true desires and needs. Perhaps it was imposed on you by someone else or recklessly set. The brain senses and resists this, leading to a “dopamine hunger”. You are subconsciously looking for excuses to postpone the task for later and do something more enjoyable.

Such a situation is a hindrance on the path to success and the fulfillment of your potential. If the goal is achieved without joy, it means that this is not your goal and it just wastes time and energy in vain.


Making the right choice

Success Framework Workbook — a modern tool based on scientific research, which allows you to take a fresh look at what is happening in life, family, business — will help you find the right path.

With its help, you will set a goal that will truly captivate you, becoming a source of inspiration and vivid emotions.

Workbook allows you to analyze in detail the tasks you face, make a reasonable, honest estimate of your own capabilities and map a reliable route to success. So when during the process of working with the tool you feel the excitement and joy — bingo! You have found your goal!


Use Success Framework Workbook to move only forward and resolutely conquer more and more new heights!




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Published: 26.01.2022
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