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India is a distinctive country where highly gifted, talented and purposeful people are born. More and more Indians are holding key positions in the world's leading companies and reaching the highest peaks of success.


A nation with an exceptional will to accomplish great things

A prime example is the Silicon Valley in the United States. Many large enterprises, specializing in innovative developments in the field of IT, mobile communications, biotechnology, etc., are concentrated there.

There are no less than a dozen senior positions in this cradle of revolutionary technology held by natives of India. Parag Agrawal, who has been appointed CEO of the world-renowned company Twitter, has recently joined their ranks.

6% of workers in Silicon Valley are native-born Indians. This is a surprising fact, considering that ethnic Indians make up only 1% of the population of the United States.

The Indian diaspora in the United States consists of 4 million people and is among the most prosperous and well-educated ones. About a million of its representatives are engaged in science and engineering.


Unique conditions beget unique personalities 

Why are our compatriots rapidly achieving success and occupying important positions in international business? According to businessman and writer Ramabadran Gopalakrishnan, the atmosphere of fierce competition reigns in India, fostering fighting qualities in people and teaching them to overcome difficulties.  

“No other nation in the world ‘trains’ so many citizens in such a gladiatorial manner as India does,” stresses Gopalakrishnan.

Today, India is transforming by leaps and bounds, with more and more business opportunities emerging, and enterprising citizens no longer need to try their luck abroad. This is indicated by the rapid growth in the number of successful start-ups in the country.



Use the powerful potential deep within you! There are inner reserves hidden in each and every one of you!

We are convinced that our clients are admirable representatives of the Indian nation, who are capable of achieving fantastic results and glorifying their country.

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By working with the tool on a daily basis, you will be able to:

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Today, India is a country that sets the trend for success!

Join millions of Indians who have already reached dizzying heights in business!




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Published: 15.12.2021
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