The habit of being rich
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“Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.”

 Mark Twain, American writer, journalist and public figure


Conduct the following experiment just for the sake of curiosity: carefully observe your behavior and emotional reactions for at least a couple of hours. Think — how did you act at that time? Did you think through every single action or did you sometimes act spontaneously, automatically, as if preprogrammed?

Most likely, you will find out that a lot of things have been done automatically, without thinking. That’s how the behavioral stereotypes that govern our lives are manifested. People get used to generally accepted patterns of behavior and thus act or idle in a cliched way — out of habit.


Habits that hurt your wallet

1. Lack of control over expenses

If you don’t watch what you spend money on, you will be constantly short of it. Learn to keep track of income and expenses to control your financial flows.

2. Late payment of bills

Pay utility bills and other bills on time to avoid penalties. Set up automatic payment of monthly bills in your bank or mark in the calendar the dates when you need to pay for services.

3. Impulse purchases

Purchases made under the influence of emotions or advertising are rarely useful, yet they empty your wallet. Every time you want to buy something, think about it — do you really need this thing?

If you still want to occasionally make spontaneous purchases, allocate a separate amount from your personal budget for them in advance and do not exceed the established limit.

4. Lack of savings

The biggest mistake is the inability and unwillingness of a person to create financial reserves. Life is too unpredictable to afford not having any savings at all. Far-sighted people regularly save about 10% of their income and take measures to preserve and accumulate savings.

The results of a study conducted in 2021 by the British company YouGov are indicative. It was found that two out of five urban Indians (40%) consider saving money in case of unforeseen difficulties as their highest financial priority.


Transitioning to a financial mindset

The only way to get rid of detrimental financial habits is to develop and gradually internalize a new code of conduct which free, happy and wealthy people live by. Ask yourself the following question more often: “What would a person with a financial mindset do in my place?” The more answers you find, the faster you will master the financial mindset.

Naturally, you will need increased self-control at first. Systematic actions aimed at strengthening financial protection will help substitute the poor man’s habits with those of the rich more quickly. Simply put — the formation of reliable, risk-free savings.

While some people spend money on trinkets, purposeful individuals put funds into promising assets. For example, investment gold.


The favorite metal of the rich

Everyone wants to have savings that will ensure stability, freedom and will grow in price. That is why the demand for gold is so high all over the world. The noble metal is not subject to the influence of inflation and other negative economic phenomena. For half a century, its cost has been demonstrating an upward trend, accumulating the wealth of those who own gold bars.

Constantly replenishing your gold reserve is a sure way to a sustainable future. On the Global IndiaGold online platform, investment gold bars of the highest fineness 999.9 weighing 1 and 5 grams are available. Small bars are ideal to start building up your personal gold reserve in a systematic way without putting yourself under too much financial stress.


Get rid of destructive habits!

Start thinking and taking action like the rich!




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Published: 11.05.2022
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