Test: are you Financially Secure?
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Lack of Financial Security is a problem that can be a threat to anyone.

Even if at first glance it seems that this trouble does not concern you, it is worth considering.

How do you know how well you are protected from financial threats?

Let’s take a simple test. Answer “yes” or “no” to 8 questions:

1. Are you debt-free?

Debts include borrowed money, bank loans, unpaid bills and other outstanding financial obligations.

2. Do you always have cash at your disposal?

Surplus funds allow you to make the desired purchase, relax to the fullest and have fun.

3. Do you have a reliable and stable source of income?

Reliable and stable income is a permanent source of finance that you can rely on in the long run.

4. Do you feel confident about your material well-being?

It means that you are absolutely confident in the future and are not afraid of losing your job or what you have acquired earlier.

5. Are your savings protected from risks?

If savings are protected, they won’t be affected by such factors as inflation or economic crisis.

6. Do you like your job?

A job that you like motivates you, causing positive emotions and a desire to be beyond competition.

7. Do you have enough free time?

Free time gives you the opportunity to use it as you please: actively relax and recuperate, hang out with your loved ones or focus on self-improvement.

8. Does your income exceed expenses?

If income exceeds expenses, there is always money left even after necessary spending.


Now count how many times you answered “No”:

Not even once. Congratulations! You have reached Financial Security. However, do not forget about its further strengthening. Lack of knowledge and attention to your material resources can put you in danger at any time.

1-2. You are close to Financial Security, but you still have work to do. Strive to improve — find and mend the weak spots in your personal money management strategy.

3-4. You are in the risk zone. You are probably already feeling the annoying discomfort. This means that it is time to act and improve your situation. Don’t procrastinate, every day of delay makes the situation only worse.

5-6. Warning! You are near a crucial point. The amount of money does not increase, and expenses are constantly growing. Don’t wait for the situation to become dire — start fixing it right now.

7-8. The complete lack of Financial Security provokes a serious crisis. Most likely, you are experiencing an acute shortage of money, have debts and are forced to work to the point of exhaustion. Staying in this state is a huge risk! There is an urgent need of taking appropriate measures!

Now you know your level of Financial Security and, based on this, you can plan further actions.

Remember: not only physical health, but also financial well-being requires constant attention. You have to take care of your financial situation being stable and protected from any threats.


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Published: 13.07.2022
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