Scientific approach to goal setting
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The probability of success in any undertaking primarily depends on how accurately and competently a goal is set.

“I want”, “It would be nice”, “We can try” and the like are not the best way to start realizing an idea. Setting a goal is the first step towards it, and you must take it seriously.

In management as well as in project management, SMART technology is widely applied. It is a special approach that allows you to structure the goal and take its most important aspects into account.

Let’s decipher the abbreviation SMART and find out what criteria any goal should meet based on this technology.



To make your goal specific, you need to answer two questions:

1. “What exactly do I want?”

2. “Why do I want this?”

“I need a car asap” — this is a complete lack of specifics. With such an approach, it will be difficult to find a suitable car.

“I am planning a series of frequent out-of-town trips with a large family, so I need a spacious five-door SUV at a price within 10 Lakh” — this is an example of a correctly set task.



When setting a goal, it is required to immediately determine the parameters for measuring/evaluating the final result.

Try to answer the following questions:

1. “In what case can the goal be considered achieved?”

2. “What indicator will signal the achievement of the goal?”

3. “What values should this indicator have for the task to be considered completed?”

For example, a manager sets himself/herself as well as his/her employees a task: to increase the profit of the enterprise by 20% this year compared to last year. In this case, 20% is the very indicator that determines whether the goal is achieved or not.




Sometimes it seems that we are surely able to solve the task set, but later it turns out that we were wrong. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to assess the attainability of your goal in advance.

Ask yourself a question: “How and by what means will I achieve what I want?” Assess your resources, knowledge, connections, time and other important factors. Take a piece of paper and a pen and start writing: “My goal is achievable because...” If you can find enough evidence to support this statement, you can start taking action.



People often blindly strive to achieve something, not really understanding why they need it in the first place. In the end, the result brings nothing but disappointment.

The most important questions to answer are:

1. “What benefit will this undertaking bring?”

2. “Will the result be worth the expended efforts and resources?”

3. “Is it really necessary for me/my business, or am I recklessly following trends, imposed stereotypes or spontaneous desires?”



A specific time frame should be set for any task. This is the only way to avoid procrastination and move towards the goal with maximum perseverance. A deadline stimulates action and does not allow you to remain idle for a long time.

Once you have analyzed and formulated your goal, set the time frame within which the goal must be achieved. Convince yourself and your Partners that the task must be completed within this time frame. For example: expand the structure twofold by the fourth quarter of 2022.


By following the SMART rules, achieving any goals gets much easier.

A special tool is available on the Global IndiaGold platform — Success Framework Workbook — so that you could quickly and effectively apply the principles outlined.


With its help, you will check your goal against all the most important criteria and find answers to the most pressing questions.

The tool will masterfully direct your attention to key aspects of the inspected goal, helping you to make the right decisions.


As you work with Workbook, you will understand:

  • what is the best way to achieve the goal;

  • what factors influence your success;

  • what way of thinking and taking actions brings you closer to the realization of what you desire;

  • and much more.


Don’t blindly move towards your goal!

Use effective and proven techniques!




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Published: 19.01.2022
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