Procrastination: how to take action instead of just dreaming
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So many people are waiting for the right moment to make a move and take action! The number of such people grows every day. They postpone tasks and waste the most valuable resource — time — the same as before.

As a result, years go by, but the person you know is still doing the job he/she hates, living in a rented apartment and dreaming of taking a break to travel abroad next year…

Interestingly enough, a lot of people are so scared of their goals that they are ready to delay the implementation.

Why are athletes so successful? How do they achieve results? Because their fastest achievements are sports results. They usually have a clear goal: to keep balance on a surfboard for an hour, do 70 push-ups, run 42 kilometers. These are clear and attainable goals that can be set and achieved.

The goal takes unpaid leave

Yet some people fail to set and achieve their ambitious goals. Why?

Most often because they do not see their goal clearly.

The ways to achieve it, lack of resources or some other difficulties scare them off.

In the end, the goal of such a person takes unpaid leave. There is no one to work on it, given that a person constantly postpones the execution of a plan.

Days go by... Nothing changes. Do you really need this goal if you are constantly putting it off? Maybe it is worth rethinking its importance?

First step

You have probably noticed how a little child learns to walk. A child enjoys the process, falls and gets up again to reach the intended place in the room.

Learn from children how to be perseverant while mastering the reasonableness of an adult! Achieve any goal, enjoy even small changes!

To help you formulate and work on your goals, a simple algorithm has been developed. You will understand what you want to achieve, how you will act, and you will set the deadline yourself. You will see a clear picture: who can help you out and what is needed for this.


Speed up on the way to the goal


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Published: 27.04.2022
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