How to reanimate forgotten goals?
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All people dream. For some, desires can come true right away, others set lofty and incomprehensible goals while they themselves do not know the timing of their fulfillment.

To switch from improbable dreams to real ones, it’s enough to say to yourself at the very first stage: “I am striving for this, because it is difficult.” When you find the right direction, any obstacle will not seem as daunting as at the very beginning of your path.


Famous dreamers

The very first cars, computer programs, medicines, literary works were created by dreamers.

Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod and bifocals thanks to discipline and self-education. The boy’s parents were poor, and until he was ten years old, he did not attend school, yet he achieved outstanding success and worldwide recognition.

Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest filmmakers of our time, was once unable to get into film school at the University of Southern California. Yet this did not stop the future winner of three Oscars. He directed his own short film, which impressed the bosses of the Universal studio so much that they immediately signed a contract with the young talent.

These people also had doubts and fears, but they overcame all obstacles. How? They set specific goals and moved towards them according to their plan while keeping on track. The more complex your goal, the more interesting the process of achieving it.

Your unfulfilled dreams

Perhaps in childhood you dreamed of becoming famous, succeeding and pursuing a prestigious profession. But when you faced the first obstacle, you gave up the cherished dream rather easily.

Many of you dreamed of learning a foreign language, but failed to get the process off the ground. Excuses: no time for that, it is impossible to memorize new words, grammar or pronunciation leaves room for improvement. So, the dream remains unfulfilled.


Goal slips away

How many such goals did you have throughout your life? Most likely, not one, but many...

You started a new business and immediately quit it, you did not change the direction, you did not become flexible. When the obstacle blocked the way, you did nothing to bypass it, outflank it or change the direction. You did not realize that even if you had to take a step back, you would still progress on the path to your goal.

This is why it is so important to determine the finish line at the very beginning of the path: this way you can think over and assess possible obstacles in advance. Any large-scale intention encourages people to work more productively. The key things are faith, the right goal and a plan to achieve it.


Opportunity to continue moving forward on the interrupted path

It hurts when a person realizes that he/she could have achieved the desired result but stopped halfway.

Efforts, time, resources. All in vain. Is it possible to change the situation and start all over again?

Yes, remember the goal you were moving towards, but stopped. Where did it all go wrong?

Be mindful about your goal, imagine the result that you can achieve.

What should be done next? We offer a sure way to achieve the goal and make your cherished dream come true. To do this, use the Success Framework Workbook that dream fulfillment experts have created to help you achieve what you desire. Examine the obstacles that forced you to stop. Figure out how to eliminate obstacles and get rid of fears, doubts, insecurities. Determine which way of thinking and taking action will lead you to the long-awaited success.

You will gradually take small steps. You will move forward day by day, eliminating small flaws. Only in this way you will be able to realize why you once quit what you started and see what is happening in your life from a different angle.

Success Framework Workbook is a real opportunity to fulfill desires that have been stuck in the past. It’s so easy to give yourself a second chance and reanimate golden hopes. This time, with a trusted helper at hand, set off on your journey anew to finish what you started, namely to achieve the goal and feel the sweet taste of victory!




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Published: 05.01.2022
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Atish Ghosh
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