Circle of Concern vs Circle of Control
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We often meet people who are preoccupied with everything around them: politics, economy, crime news, private lives of celebrities, and much more.

The attention of such people is scattered, due to lack of concentration everything falls out of hand, not a single thing can be completed. Such persons are clear evidence of how important it is to be able to distinguish between two concepts — Circle of Concern and Circle of Control.

Circle of Concern

This category includes all objects and phenomena that are beyond our control, but often trigger our strong emotional reaction.

A prime example is the weather. We can’t stop the rain outside the window. You can worry about the fact that the sudden rampancy of the elements ruined our day off, but the clouds will not disappear from the sky because of our complaints and grumblings.

It is much wiser to change your attitude to what is happening. If you can’t go outside, why not read a book or clean your house? It is not possible to control the weather, but we are able to control our reaction to circumstances that we do not like.

It is pointless to worry about what lies beyond your influence. Think about how much moral and physical strength you lose when you are lamenting because of the injustice reigning in the world. Better focus on what you can really control.


Circle of Control

Everything you need to focus on is here. These are processes that only you manage and no one else. For example, only you decide what to study, in what direction to develop, what to spend money on.

If you direct all the unspent energy and inspiration inside the Circle of Control, you can achieve significant results, become a self-sufficient person and effectively help others.

To put this theory to good use, constantly ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I have an impact on this thing/event/conditions?

  • What can I do to have an impact?

  • If it is above my strength to change anything, which response will be more adequate?

  • Should I be worried about a situation that I can’t change?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right answers on your own. We recommend using the Success Framework Workbook, a tool based on advanced methods of self-development.

The Workbook helps you concentrate on the main thing, switch to solving tasks that are in your Circle of Control. Systematic work with the tool will allow you to see the world in a new way and direct your energy in a productive direction.



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Published: 18.07.2022
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Alok Banerjee
Alok Banerjee
Try to control yourself not everything.
Jul 29
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