Attention! “FAST START” promotion has been extended!
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Dear friends!

The Global IndiaGold team wants you to feel confident in your abilities in the ongoing year. We are convinced that you are capable of more than you think, and you have a unique opportunity to prove it to yourself!


We are pleased to inform you that

the “FAST START” promotion has been extended until February 28!


Participation in the promotion provides an impetus for a quick career advancement as a Direct Seller. While the rest are pondering and hesitating, you take action and develop your business structure. Income is increasing, the team is growing, you gain a reputation as a successful market maker among your partners. You understand that all this is easier to achieve than you have previously thought. But that’s not all...


For your achievements you will receive a reward:

an exclusive gold bar of the highest fineness.

And also, a special gift that will be useful to you every day and will remind you of the contribution to your personal development at Global IndiaGold.


We remind you that according to the “FAST START” rules, a one-gram gold bar is accrued for every sixth purchase made by new clients who registered on the Global IndiaGold platform on the recommendation of the Direct Seller from 22.09.2020. Only one purchase for each new client of the platform is counted.

Despite the winter holidays, dedicated Direct Sellers have continued to actively develop their structures. The most diligent promotion participants have earned their second gold bar!


Demonstrate your Direct Seller skill — surpass their accomplishments!


Share this news with everyone who supports your passion for success. Build a well-coordinated and effective team that will lead you to victory.


Take action and achieve success embodied in gold!



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Published: 13.01.2021
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