A unity holiday celebrated with a bang in Delhi


In India, the time of joy, light and celebration continues. The Diwali festival of lights is invariably increasing the demand for gold — on the days of the celebration, people enjoy luxurious gifts and warm meetings. This exciting time brings people together and strengthens hope for good luck and prosperity.

In business circles, Diwali starts the countdown of the new fiscal year, that’s why our trusted Leaders gathered in Delhi to hold an unforgettable meeting at the Global IndiaGold office.

The participants of the celebration rejoiced at the meeting, exchanged warm wishes and gifts, and then enthusiastically discussed the prospects for cooperation as well as strengthening of good partnerships and the possibilities of attracting new people to the structures.

The meeting gave the Leaders inspiration for new accomplishments in business, energized them and boosted optimism, so that in the new year they could promote the ideas and values of the company purposefully and with tangible benefits.

Leaders of Global IndiaGold clearly demonstrate to our global community, every Partner and client how the right actions help achieve Financial Security even in difficult times.


Global IndiaGold is a team of people who are united by a joint business and the ability to turn everyone’s luck into a common triumphant success!


We thank the participants of the meeting for their unity, initiative, sincere desire to take the business to the next level and a strong commitment to succeed!

Bright and cherished moments of the meeting in Delhi — in the photo report from the event.

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Published: 24.11.2021
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