5 ways to improve the quality of life
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According to the World Health Organization, the quality of life is determined by how comfortable you feel physically and emotionally, whether you are satisfied with your position in society.

The UN includes 12 parameters in this concept, of which health comes first.

How can the quality of life be improved right now?


1. Make time for rest 

During your work day, take a 15-minute break every two hours. This is the minimum necessary to restore some of the strength and mentally distract from work.

Even the most durable equipment will wear out and break down many times faster if it works 24/7. The same applies to the human body. Don’t let yourself get overtired — rest whenever you feel fatigue takes over.


2. Eat healthy and regularly

Skipping breakfast or eating once a day — typical of you? Then it’s time to change something.

In nutrition, as in business, you need to be disciplined and stick to a plan. An exhausted body that does not get enough vitamins struggles with leading an active and productive lifestyle.

Accustom yourself to the regular intake of nutritious and healthy food. Turn breakfast, lunch and dinner into a ritual that must not be neglected.


3. Sleep as much as you need

It is recommended to sleep 7-9 hours a day for people aged 18-65. Just one week of lack of sleep can cause hundreds of genes to malfunction and weaken the immune system.

Maintain a sleep schedule that will allow you to get enough sleep every night. Don’t stay up late watching TV or playing video games. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends.


4. Find what brings you joy

Set aside 20-30 minutes and write down on paper everything you would like to do in your free time: learn a new language, paint pictures, play cricket, read books on self-development and more.

Choose from the resulting list of things what you could do already today, and start as soon as you complete urgent matters. Turn to your list of favorite activities every day and devote your free time to what makes you happier.


5. Avoid stress

In stressful situations, the hormone cortisol is released. It is important for health, but it can cause serious harm if its level is way too high. Chronic stress causes cortisol dysfunction, which leads to inflammation, depression and accelerated cell aging.

It seems that it is impossible to completely avoid stress. However, you will significantly reduce its impact if you follow the four previous recommendations. A well-rested, cheerful person with a good mood is less prone to stress than the one who is constantly sleepy, tired and depressed.

It would seem that all these tips are quite simple and obvious, yet following them can sometimes be very difficult due to a busy work schedule. For many employees, work does not improve the quality of life, as it takes an excessive amount of time and effort.

Therefore, we constantly emphasize the importance of freedom as the main advantage of a Direct Seller. The self-employed entrepreneur is in sole control of his/her life and can continuously improve its quality.

Try it yourself — everyone can cooperate with Global IndiaGold. To do this, you don’t necessarily have to abandon the current work — direct selling can be easily combined with another type of business activity.

A personal business on the online platform will help create an additional source of income, reduce dependence on a single job and take a step towards the desired quality of life.




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Published: 29.06.2022
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